Lock Haven Ice Report - Roadside Gully / Gemini Gullies - January 22, 2022

by dseasholtz Thu, January 27 2022 23:23

Stayed local and headed up to Gemini Gullies for this weekend's climbing. We did see another party working their way up the lower pitches of Roadside Gully. The ice here really fattened up overnight in the cold temps, as it looked a bit thin the day before. The 7 mile dirt road approach to the Gemini Gullies was easily travelled with only a few icy sections. They even had the road plowed most of the way. Both gullies started out with leadable ice and we opted to start up the left route. Midway up, we looked at the upper amphitheater in the left gully, and topping out looked a bit sketchy. We then traversed over into the right gully, and found thicker ice there. Randy E. led the left option and other than the typical crux topping out, found the route leadable using shorter 13 cm. screws.

GoPro helmet cam video of today's outing in the Gemini Gullies on YouTube here:
Ice Climbing - Gemini Gullies, Sproul State Forest - Helmet Cam POV - January 22, 2022

Roadside Gully


Gemini Gullies


Left Gemini Gully (Upper Amphitheater)

Right Gemini Gully (Upper Amphitheater)



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