Pennsylvania Outdoor Sports

For those of you who want to get off the computer and get some fresh air there are many activities available to enjoy "Penns Woods". We are blessed with 4 distinct seasons in Pennsylvania, and have acres upon acres of public land to enjoy the outdoors.

Each distinct season allows us the opportunity to enjoy different activities such as kayaking in the spring, mountain biking and rock climbing in the summer, hiking and hunting in the fall, and cross country skiing and ice climbing in the winter. The forests, mountains, gorges, caves, and back roads of Central Pennsylvania provide the space, and the variety for every type of outdoor adventure you can think of.

To get away from the rat race of the work week, there is nothing quite like the quiet and solitude of a walk or ride in the woods. Pushing yourself on a hard climbing route builds your confidence levels. Pennsylvania offers the open spaces to enjoy these activities. Some that we enjoy on a regular basis are listed to the left. Clicking the links will offer information on that activity, how to get started, and where to go. Enjoy and get outside!

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