Asaph Wild Area
 October 25, 1998
Location:  Tioga State Forest between Wellsboro and Ansonia
Length:  10 miles
Total trip elevation gain:  1,270 ft.

In northern Tioga State Forest there's a small wild area and natural area that provide the setting for a challenging day hike.  This is a challenging unblazed trail with lots of bushwhacking.  Take your compass! The hike begins and ends at the Asaph Run State Forest Picnic Area at the forks of Asaph Run.

While we were putting our hiking boots on a car driving by mentioned that they had just seen a large black bear down the road from us.  We hopped in the Blazer and drove back down the dirt road (me with camera in hand) to see the black wonder! No luck - it had already scurried back into the woods.  I want to see a bear in the wild so bad - I had my camera ready but it wasn't to be on this hike.  

To start the hike we crossed Asaph Run and headed up the unblazed Middle Ridge Trail.  At 1.5km we took the trail's left fork and farther along we kept to the right at the edge of a clearing of old apple trees.  We noticed too that on our last hike and this one the Lady Bugs are plentiful! It's almost like a SciFi movie - the "Invasion of the Lady Bugs"!

Ignore the well-used Big Tree Hollow Trail on your left.  By 4.9km we were on an old railroad grade.  Ignore the well  used Johnson Trail on your left.

The old grade bends right onto a recent logging road.  We followed the blue blazes where they bear left off this road and reached the outlet from Black Ash Swamp.  Busy beavers have deepened the stream here.   On the other side we passed a trail sign and continued up the Cross Trail. The blazes stop at 7.4km where we turned right on Asaph Road for 900 meters to a junction with Sand Road. Turned left up Sand Road and then right on Hessel Gesser Road.

Then you'll come across an area of coarse sandstone. This is the site of the Hessel Gesser Millstone marked by a large sign.   We then continued on a gated Hessel Gesser Road .

It opens into a clearing where we bared left on the signed Scotch Pine Hollow Trail. We came across a small run across the trail toward Straight Run. We continued past Darling Road Trail and descended into Scotch Pine Hollow. We continued the descent to Asaph Road, turned right onto the road and walked a short distance back to our vehicle.

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