Donut Hole Trail
Section of the Donut Hole Trail (which is 81.7 miles in length)
Location:  Farrandsville, PA in Sproul State Forest
We started our hike at the southern terminus of the Donut Hole Trail.
This trip included the Fravel Trail section of the DHT continuing on to the
Oak Ridge Road and returned on the unmarked Ferney Run Trail
and finished up on the Graham Road back to Farrandsville.
Length:  18 miles

We parked our car in Farrandsville and walked 1.5 miles up the road to the southern terminus of the Donut Hole Trail on the Hazard Road.
The Ferney Run Trail
The first 4 miles were a gradual climb of 800 ft. up the mountain along the Fravel Trail to the Carrier Road. Through this section we walked into a bees nest - unfortunately Dave wasn't so lucky but I outran them!

The DHT continued across the Carrier Road passing a very nice vista looking out over the Susquehanna River.   We then crossed several tributaries of Ferney Run until intersecting the Oak Ridge Road - this section was about 4 miles long.

We took a left on the Oak Ridge Road going only about a 100 yards before turning left onto the Ferney Run Trail.